Tuesday, May 30, 2006


When I was an auditor, I always thot I wouldn't treat my fellow auditors badly. Hah! How can you not treat them badly. First they'll ask you stupid questions, and you know they've never done any accounting before, the stupidest question I was asked..Why is the 2005 opening balance different from the 2005 closing balance? What kind of question is that? What exasperated me today was one auditor asking for the same thing that an auditor asked yesterday which I have given to another colleague (who happened to be in the same room they are now) like last week. Grr..

Last year I had a huge quarrel with an auditor who asked me for a list of things which I've given bit by bit. Problem is she kept on asking for the things I have given her plus nagging me for t he things I haven't given her and not looking at the things I have given her. I was so angry that we had a shouting match...and my sister said I was too soft to the auditors..( she was an auditor for a longer time than I was)..

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