Monday, May 08, 2006

Atty's engagement & Adik's Sports Day

On Thursday night, we went back to Kluang. The plan was to go back on Friday but DH wanted to go back with his brother, we took Friday off. We stopped by Alai and had ikan bakar.. yummy just as we remembered it. But the children was a bit dissappointed as there were no steamed fish and chicken.. funny kids.. we could have steamed fish or chicken at any of the tom yam stalls. But they ate quite a bit. Tina had two nasi lemak, adik had one, kakak had three..baba well.. tak mengaku berapa.. it was quite small actually. All in all with big prawns, ikan pari, lala, ikan siakap and 9 nasi lemak cost us about RM 60. I think it was quite reasonable.
We reached Kluang about 2, I wanted to sleep but tina.. wanted to go out to aunty atty who has already gone to sleep.

Friday, prepared the telur asin to be given to guests, did a bit of cleaning. Went to the swimming pool with the kids. As it was Epi's birthday and also Tina would be three on the 23rd, we had a small bithday do. Cake was really nice.. opps..

Saturday, everyone woke up early, as the majlis was supposed to start around 11. I went to see Atty dolled up by the pak andam..fascinating stuff.. and got stuck in the room when the marhaban started. All it all, it went well. Atty looked lovely, with tiara and all..After the engagement, the men terbongkang and zzzz of course leading the flock was DH, who, after nasi berani gam will find a corner somewhere for zzz. Lana showed us how to do bunga stokin, flowers made from multi coloured panty hose.. fascinating stuff. Went back around 11.. We should have gone back earlier as Adik will have her sports day.

Sunday morning woke up adik, who protested.. I understand she was tired from the night's journey. She whined and complained the whole morning..mana lah dapat leter anak aku ni...
Just when the sports started DH's tape in the camera finished and he went off to buy the tape. When he came back it was all over.. ( roll eyes.. of course then I started to membebel..) Adik did quite well. First event..she has to balance tray with a cup of water, she looked tensed and was quite slow but the second boy was brilliant and her group came first. The second event she has to jump with a ball in between her knees, she was quite slow.. tapi the second boy was brilliant, the her group came second. The third event jumping in a sack, she was good..better than the second boy and they got first. Great.. tak rugi bangun awal... She was very happy.. And we did not have it on tape or film ( hint hint).

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