Friday, April 21, 2006

Qisty's antics and Being techno savvy

Of late, eversince the birthday party,(.L mana gambar? ), and eversince Mak Buntat's announcement that we will have a fancy dress party in June, my family and I discuss almost every day, what we will dress up as. Qisty, who will be three this May, for the past few days said she wants to be Dash of the Incredibles, we think she would be perfect as Edna Mode of the incredibles with her hair and all or Bibbles from Fairy topia. DH thought she would be perfect as Gloria from Madagascar.Two days ago she said she wanted to be a vampire..traipsing around with my scarf tied on her neck. Last night she wanted to be a rock star.
Qisty is the life of parties. She entertained the guests at adik's birthday party, danced around on her tippy toe, singing.

Speaking of gambar, I told DH that I want the latest Samsung camera phone for my birthday ( he owes me two birthdays present). Why would I want another phone when mine is reasonable new compared to his, he asked. Be thankful I don't ask for jewellery. I told him since I don't have a camera, and since he doesn't have a camera that works and since my phone sometimes hang, a new camera phone would be appropriate, especially one with 3.2 megapixel camera.

I am a gadget dear brother would say. Yelah any new gadget, PDA, MP3 player, I must have. Always I'd think after I've got this, I wouldn't buy anything else but sigh.. technology change so fast.. I remember having the monophonic phone, when I bought the polyponic, they came out with mp3, GPRS , then there's blue tooth then there's 3g.. You just can't keep up. But not keeping up would mean you're you know, ketinggalan zaman. I remember a story my dad told me. My Dad will be 67 this year. His friends were impressed when he could use the sms feature on his hand phone and dial up the phone using the phone book feature in the phone. He said his friend had to copy the number they were going to call from their little address book.

I remember lesson I learnt from Corporate strategy, from my university days, a company would have to change with the environment or they will not survive.

Hehehe Justifying the need for a new camera phone.


sya said...

Zue.. if u need more physillium husk, I have it at home. I had pure bee pollen at home, if u r interested I can give some to u. Banyak sangat.. tapi makan cuma 1/2 teaspoon per day.

Minahsongeh said...

Sya, thanks,
Baru lagi beli kalau I need I'll call you.