Thursday, April 20, 2006

Fat Flush

My 1st day of re fat flushing. I bought the essentials of fat flushing ~ cranberry juice, psyllium husk, flax seed oil, cayenne powder etc at Just life USJ last Tuesday but did not start till today.. Yesterday was hari melantak before fat flush day..nasi lemak in the morning, munchy's wafer cube..(I've huge carvings for this thing), twisties and mamee for snacks and yong tau foo at nite.. I just hope I won't have a headache today when flushing out the toxins.

I was so afraid I would be late, not too work, to send kakak to school, she has to be there at 7.25 or she'll have to stand in front of everyone during assembly.. stupid stupid school. Woke up when my PDA played azan subuh.. went down, made cranwater, the life long cocktail, breakfast- scramble egg with mushroom, lunch ~ concoction of prawns, ACV, green and red peppers, cayenne powder.

I reached office a bit late as I went back home after sending kakak ~ forgot to take the lemon juice. Had breakfast and as I washed it down with the cranwater...kua kua kua...found lizard's dropping in it.. and additional ingredient Ann Gittleman missed when she created fat flush... I had to do without cranwater today...

What is fat flush.. well it's a detox program, link on the side.. My sister, my friend Intan and I have tried this programme and we have succesfully reduced a few kilos. So my sister and I am restarting it . I hope I will stay true to the programme. Intan may join us..too..