Thursday, April 20, 2006

Adik's Birthday Party

Still waiting for the photos..L has not emailed me. My girl's birthday was yesterday on 19th April but we had a fancy dress party (adults included) on the 15th April (shila's b'day). The night before made Peach trifle without jelly and morning at eight started the make the jelly for trifle and mushroom sauce for the barbecue, then the mee hoon kari, apple crumble, garlic bread and potato salad. Plus supervising and hanging balloons outside the house.
Kakak was so excited and wanted to wear her costume early but I told her at 2. By two she was dressed as violet from the incredibles, b'day girl as fairy and qisty as a ballerina with wings.
Selalunya by the time the guests arrived 90% of the dishes dah ready but this time around the barbecue bara baru nak panas , my husband ( who is Mr Incredible) was busy doing pinata , shaped like a donkey , filling the pinata with -baru nak beli junk food and sweets (I have reminded him to do this earlier and he had been busy the whole week) . So when the neighbour arrived.. masa tulah baru nak buat the macaroni and fry drummets..
In the end she went back for Asar prayer, leaving her son with us. A few minutes later another neighbour came.oh well.. at least the mee hoon kari, macaroni and trifle were ready.. but of course people were waiting for the barbecue. Later my sister arrived with ice cream. Parents , brother, sis in law and Tisha arrived with more ice cream and fruits. Bro and family were dressed from the 70's..complete with medallions (tisha's cute) and John lennon like sunglasses. Sis and her little girl dressed up as gypsies, her sons as cowboys, and bro in law as pak arab.. Later on my husbands cousins and aunties arrived, not in fancy dresses except Izreen who wore a hairband with rabbit ears.. a pregnant playmate..
Shila and family arrived later, kids were out of the van but parents tah -buat- apa -dalam- van came out an hour or 45 mins later. Nadine came as a korean girl, sophia as a princess, Sara a small witch, Dahlia a showgirl/fairy, and johan, batman.
Mak Mas judged the contest and placed adik, the b'day girl as first prize, sophia second and Dahlia third. Shila and hubby as the creative couple and I ( a hideous witch) for adult 2nd prize. I told her that our family cannot be included in the contest only for party guests and gave prize out to others . We wanted to have a pin donkey's tail game but abandoned the idea as the donkey was too high up. The kids whacked the donkey instead. As the donkey fell, the kids rushed up to the donkey and grabbed sweets/choc /mamee/ twisties.
All in all it was a fun day. Later on Odi, Zul and Aishah - Ron and family came.

Mak buntat wants to have a fancy dress party on her b'day in June... Now what shall I wear...


sya said...

Hi zue.. sorry tak dapat menghadiri kena kerja

The Superwomanwannabe said...

Hello, letak lah tag board ma'am.
anyway husbandyou kan adek husband faham faham ...
and was i gone for one hour in teh van? rasa macam kejap je and I was sewing your daughter's jeans laaaa he h ehe